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If you're a well qualified progressive professional who wants more out of life and who really needs to create an extra stream of income but can't figure out how to get started, here's the answer you've been looking for...

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How to Succeed in Online Business in the Next 30 Days or Less

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Avoid Failing to get started. Not knowing what to do first

Save yourself from Struggling to justify your ability to solve the problems in your chosen field of specialization

How to Market yourself and Stand out from the crowd. Buyers chases after your products and never again will you beg customers to buy from you

Enjoy short and long-term solutions for how you can Discover your own Potential to make money online from what you already know and do.

You'll also discover How to package your existing Skills and sell to a hungry audience online!

Build an online business that they can sell if they no longer want to work on it.


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Tayla-Tay Consultancy

Kuda has taught me everything I know about making money online. He has been very patient with me taking the time to answer the many questions I had. He has also provided me with tools that have helped me in setting up my online business. With his guidance, I have set up a thriving affiliate marketing business. I have also setup my company Tay Consultancy, to help teach others about making money online. I have also co-founded a forex coaching company called Qefx, and websites for the two are under construction. I am eternally indebted to Kuda for his selflessness. He is a great mentor!

Lutrish-Freelancer Writer on Upwork

After losing my day job I was stranded. Kuda advised me to offer what I know as a service online. He provided the training. I was patient, I went through the training on how to do online jobs. Today I work from home, have been a top rated freelancer on upwork.com. Though it didn’t make sense, in the beginning, I just did what kuda asked me to do. I appreciate the training and the guidance.


I have been able to launch my blog tofaraonline.com with the help of kuda. Through the knowledge I have been able to create blog websites for some clients. When I need help I just reach out to the  Discussion group for pointers. Thanks Kuda 


Hello Internet Pro Club I’m so grateful to be part of this I joined the club a few weeks ago created my first website which is looking awesome from zero to hero with the help of Kuda I’m motivated inspired.As an affiliate marketer i would like to thank you for the lessons i have gone through them i have learned a lot and i was doing the same mistake 95% are doing and people are failing because they do not have a mentor thank you again you are a star.

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